What is the tool of choice?

Subject: What is the tool of choice?
From: "JACK P. SHAW" <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1993 15:48:04 MEZ

Hello to all

I personally work with a Sun SparcStation running, among other things,
OpenWindows as the general Unix environment and Interleaf Version 5
for DTP. Either this or the forerunner hardware/software have been
my fate for nigh on to seven years now.

That means that I have virtually no up-to-date knowledge of what
seem to be the ubiquitous tools of the trade a lot of you are
using, to wit:

- Word
- Wordperfect
- Framemaker
- Ventura Publ.
- Corel whatever...

I'm about to take the plunge into these (to my mind) better-bang-for-
the-schekel systems, and would like to know some pros and cons. True,
I have an aging "HAL" AT at home that is running stone-age Wordstar
with no frills, and I'm aware that 640KB with 30MB disk won't even
make coffee, much less run current conventional windowpain applications.

But at Germany's outrageous prices, I'm not anxious to lay down
the equiv. of $2000+- for 386 hardware without being darn sure
it's going to do what I want. Next to me, here, I've got a no-name
386SX that I use to 1) keep my Oxford's from tipping over my
Webster's and 2) to do occasional heavy-duty PC-NFS file transfer
of my zipped doc./code/genealogy junk mail between me and other
business/non-business nodes. From that alone, I can see it's not
going to measure up for Windows NT or whatever--but it does the

However, I would like to know from those of you who work on
a PC base day-in, day-out: what do you like/hate about your
tools? Did you pick them, or did the purchasing dept. get a
"midnight auto supply" deal they couldn't refuse, and you had
to learn to live with it? Are there any other keyboard bigots
out there who use hate mouses, and disdainfully use them to
stir their coffee just for spite? If so, I'd VERY much like
YOUR view of these icon-based tools...

Regale me with your prejudices and preferences.

Regards, happy holidays, and healed hands to you all...

Jack ("C.T.")Shaw
jsh -at- software-ag -dot- de
Software AG
Darmstadt, Germany

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