Re: Multimedia - what and when?

Subject: Re: Multimedia - what and when?
From: George Hasty <ghasty -at- INDIAL1 -dot- IO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1993 13:45:59 -0600

In article <199312271605 -dot- LAA21432 -at- mv -dot- mv -dot- com>,
Jonathan Leer <jleer -at- mv -dot- mv -dot- com> wrote:
>Regarding the meaninglessness of multi-media.

>You're right. The unfortunately thing about this is that it is just
>like the onslaught of desktop publishing. It provides the public with
>what appears to be mucho power, reduces the apparent need for professional
>technical writers and production people, and essentially creates havoc.

>We need to promote the cons to multimedia.

>jon Leer

Not sure why you think we nee to "promote the cons to multimedia."

I am a trainer (instructional designer) just starting to move into
multimedia as a delivery platform. I agree with the point that it
is diffuclt to get people to respect expertise in areas such as
writing and training, just because people tend to think they them-
selves are experts -- they have written things, they have been to
school and training sessions, they have taught people to do things.

Multimedia has great potential to teach a number of things effectively
that cannot be done with text-based approaches alone. The fact that
multimedia tools, like word processing and desktop processing tools,
can be misused in the various ways is not an indictment of the tools
themselves. The antidote is for those with the needed skills and knowledge
to demonstrate the superiority of their efforts. Not to rail against
the tools.

George Hasty ghasty -at- io -dot- com
Illuminati Online Austin, TX

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