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Subject: Re: We
From: George Hasty <ghasty -at- INDIAL1 -dot- IO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 19:37:44 -0600

In article <9312080037 -dot- AA06875 -at- leaf4 -dot- sunyp>,
Carol Collins <carol -at- leaf4 -dot- unify -dot- unify -dot- com> wrote:
>I have generally been able to avoid "it is recommended" jargon
>by substituting a reason, for example:

>Many mail servers transmit messages during nonbusiness hours.
>Therefore, to ensure that all mail messages are received,
>do not disconnect your computer at night.

>(Instead of: We recommend that you leave your computer on at night.)

>--Carol Collins

Good, so far as avoiding royal "we" (Do you have a mouse in your pocket?)
and passive voice, omniscient mode. However, I suggest instruction
before explanation, as in:

Do not disconnect your computer at night. If you do, you may miss
the mail messages which many mail servers transmit at night.


George Hasty ghasty -at- io -dot- com
Illuminati Online Austin, TX

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