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Subject: Re: your mail
From: Bill Downing <bdowning -at- CTHULHU -dot- CONTROL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 1994 10:39:51 EST

> Steve Hollander <holland -at- cvax -dot- ipfw -dot- indiana -dot- edu> writes:
> >I do, however, have one pet contractor peeve: More than once, I've been
> >invited to submit a detailed proposal for a documentation job, only to find
> >that the work has NOT been contracted out--instead, employees (often
> >secretaries and engineers!) have been given a copy of my proposal and have
> >been told to follow the documentation plan I developed in preparing the
> >proposal. In one case, I spent nearly a week reviewing source material and
> >interviewing developers and prospective users. The resultant proposal
> >contained an elaborate outline of a full documentation set, sample formats,
> >and a list of sneaky tricks (or Great Ideas) I was prepared to deliver on.
> >My 6 days' work was given to a pair of secretaries to "implement."

> >Other than the obvious "Don't deal again with anybody so unethical," does
> >any of you people have any suggestions for handling such occurrences?

> Have you tried invoicing such clients for the "Planning/Design/Consulting"
> services that you've provided? I've heard other contract writers claim
> that they can get compensated for their prep time by demanding payment for
> same.

> Just a thought...

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Next time, only give them a "taste" of what you are providing with a
promise of more to come if they sign on the dotted line. This will
verify their level of commitment and save you a lot of time...

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