science writing career info wanted

Subject: science writing career info wanted
From: Andrew English <aenglish -at- IGC -dot- APC -dot- ORG>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 10:19:59 -0800

To: Technical Writers Mailing list
From: Andy English (aenglish -at- igc -dot- org)
Date: 1-18-94
Subject: Careers in Science Writing

Dear Friends-

I am trying to get a start in
technical/scientific writing. I would
appreciate any advice any of you out
there might have to offer.

I am primarily interested in a fulltime
position helping to write, edit, and
design technical or scientific oriented
magazine or newsletter for a company or
public research institution (I am not
particular about the field as long as it
is science or technology related and does
not required specialized training to
write about it). I am not interested in
writing software documentation.

If any of you can give me suggestions as
to kinds of organizations where they may
be job openings and how I can better
prepare myself to get a job, I will be
eternally grateful. Presently, I work a
demeaning, tedious night job that is
unrelated to my education and below my
abilitities. The pay is adequate, so I
am not desperate for money, but I do want
to get out of my present situation as
soon as possible. I do not require a
high salary ($20k a year, plus benefits
would be adequate).

From what I have read there is supposed a
shortage of technical writers (at least
compared to other forms of writing and
journalism). I would also like to hear
from you what the job market is really

I live in the Phoenix area. I would
consider relocating for a job if it was a
"dream" position (good salary, doing what
I'd like to do), but would prefer not to

Attached below is a summary of my


Andrew English


BS in physics from Univ. of Illinois

30 hours graduate credit in physics and
math from Arizona State Univ. (did not
complete masters degree however)

9 hours journalism and desktop publishing
at community colleges (received A+, good
recommendation from journalism professor)

done a few freelance jobs doing
newsletters and brochures for community
organizations (using a MacIntosh and

briefly attempted to produce a local
environmental news magazine, but ceased
effort when I found out how difficult it
is to get advertisers. received many
compliments on it, including one from an
environmental engineer.

recently joined Society for Technical
Communication. (unable to attend
meetings due to current night job, but
receiving mailings, including job
listings posted by Phoenix chapter)

just started doing unpaid volunteer work
writing for Hydrogen Today, publication
of the American Hydrogen Association, a
national organization promoting hydrogen
as an alternative to fossil fuels, based
in Phoenix. (interested in subject, plus
looks like good chance to build up a
portfolio and make contacts with firms)

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