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Subject: Re: Allergic reaction...
From: Sarah Mahoney <smahoney -at- U -dot- WASHINGTON -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 08:42:33 -0800

Great, I love 'em! How about this one that was posted in a
hotel hallway:

"In case of fire, do your best to alarm the hotel porter."
Sarah Mahoney
Univ. of Wash.

On Thu, 20 Jan 1994, Len Olszewski wrote:

> LaVonna Funkhouser and Sue Gallagher share some ludicrous instructions:

> [...]

> > "Prolonged contact with skin or saturated clothing could
> > cause irritation and an allergic reaction to some people."

> [...]

> > "Blades are sharp, keep out of children."

> This isn't quite the same thing, but I thought the list members might
> get a kick out of it.

> About a year or so ago, my daughter had two quarters burning a hole in
> her pocket while we were at the grocery store. She decided to put them
> in one of the machines where you turn the dial and you get some little
> trinket. The item she received was a little plastic container filled
> with "snow putty", which was some sort of irridescent green goo with
> bits of *styrofoam* mixed up in it. The look of disappointment on her
> face was very sad, but after I saw the directions that came with this
> stuff, I bought them from her for a quarter, so all was not lost. Here
> they are, verbatim.

> -----------
> 1. Rub the Snow Putty in hand, and make a ball, due to excellent
> flexibility, to becomes well.
> Be sure to restore the Snow Putty in the resealable P.E. Bag
> when not in use, and tightly sealed, so will not dry-out.

> 2. Also you can mix many different color Snow Putty and rub into
> any shapes, wait until it gets dry in the wind, when you have
> many beautiful models.

> 3. Please do not swallow it, although this product has been passed
> safety test.

> 4. When the Snow Putty gets little hard, please add in to some
> water keep rubbing, then you will have soft Snow Putty again.

> One happy note, my daughter has never again put any money into those
> silly machines. She has, however, discovered other ways to spend it.
> Sigh.

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