Re: Re[2]: English only legislation

Subject: Re: Re[2]: English only legislation
From: Tim Pera <uusr656!tim -at- UU2 -dot- PSI -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 1994 17:10:51 CST

The point has already been made in this thread that (paraphrase)
earlier immigrants figured it out quite easily on their own that learning
English was a minimum prerequisite to getting ahead, in whatever arena,
in a new country. My guess is that most present-day non-English speakers are
just as intellectually capable. So on what level can one charge that we as U.S.
citizens/English speakers (as a people) cheat immigrants by not
making English the OL? Adult immigrants can make a reasoned choice
to learn or not learn English. Their children cannot help but learn English
in public schools and in the vast majority of private schools in the U.S.
(there are probably a few private schools where the language of instruction
is not English). If there are a few immigrant parents who militantly oppose
forcing their children to learn English, well then gosh, maybe we ought
to respect their wishes, even if we do not understand them and are downright
opposed to them.

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I agree with you Bonnie. Why is it only prejustice to say that we must
make English the OL? What are we actually saying to immigrants?
You don't have to learn English because we don't want you to be able to
operate computer programs, business deals outside of your specific
speaking groups, you are not as good as the other immigrants that came to
this country for the past 300 years and learned English? Seriously, if we
do not make English the OL, we cheat immigrants that do not speak English
from the opportunities they wanted when they came to this country. I feel
it is quite necessary for all children in this country to communicate in
the official language of business.


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Tim Pera
tim -at- pbs -dot- com

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