Re: Key-whacking

Subject: Re: Key-whacking
From: Jim Grey <jwg -at- ACD4 -dot- ACD -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 1994 08:06:56 -0500

Dianne Phelan ran down the list of key strokers and decided:

>Type "To write with a typewriter." Given under _typewrite_.

> If you view the computer keyboard as successor to the
> typewriter keyboard, here's a verb specifically for the
> action of pressing its keys. How about it, folks?

>In the past, I've used _press_ for a single-key action and
>_type_ for a piece of information, as in "Press the Tab key
>and type your name." It appears that using just the verb
>_type_ might be a better choice, as in "Type the X key and then
>type your name."

Unfortunately, I've seen readers read this instruction:

"Type the X key"

and then type:


Eeek. (Kind of like "Press any key to continue" and the user looks for
the "any" key.)

I'm still a "pusher" of single keys, "typer" of multiple keys, for this

And then Diane took a cultural side trip:

>By the way, I've found the best way to explain the action "hold
>down one key while you type another" (as in Ctrl and Alt key
>combinations) is to compare it to using the Shift key.

Hey, excellent idea.

jim grey
jwg -at- acd4 -dot- acd -dot- com
Terre Haute, IN -- The Silicon Cornfield

You can get arrested for pushing keys within 100 meters of school property.

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