writers vs. the rest

Subject: writers vs. the rest
From: George <klima -at- VNET -dot- IBM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 1994 13:46:06 EST

What is the right proportion of graphic artists to writers?
Editors to writers? Technical staff to writers?

I have a 2-question survey asking readers to summarize their
situation. I'll compile the information and send it back out
to those who reply.

I will keep individual replies confidential.

0. Name Organization

1. At your place of work, how many full-time-equivalents
(FTEs) do you have in each group?
Technical writers | |
Managers of writers | |
Visual communicators | |
Editors | |
Technical staff | |

2. What would you change in the proportions, and why?


To encourage uniform data, let's make some arbitrary rules:

- If you are a contractor, then base your reply on the
last place you had a major contract.
- 1 FTE = 1 Person-Year
- "Technical writer" includes people whose primary job is to
plan, write, or maintain technical text, including CAI. Excluded
are trainers, business writers, and people who mainly write
marketing-oriented material.
- The period addressed is Jan 93 to Dec 93
- "Visual communicators" include book designers, graphic
artists, photographers, and video people
- "Editors" include copyeditors, editorial assistants, indexers,
and production people, but exclude printing & photocopying
- "Technical staff" includes anybody who is directly involved in
producing "product": engineers, scientists, programmers
testers, but excludes their managers, also excludes
all support people.

Phone: 416/448-3623 (tie 778-) IBM Canada Lab
george -dot- klima -at- canrem -dot- com klima -at- vnet -dot- ibm -dot- com
"It's not so bad being stubborn. At least I know what I'll be
thinking tomorrow."

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