bold-faced or bald-faced

Subject: bold-faced or bald-faced
From: Matt Hicks <matt -at- UNIDATA -dot- UCAR -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 1994 15:27:29 -0700

A quick peek at my American Heritage dictionary reveals the following:

bald-faced: Brash; barefaced.

barefaced: 3. Presumptuous and shameless: "a barefaced lie."

bold-faced: 1. Impudent; brazen.

So it would appear that one may tell either a bald-faced or a
bold-faced lie. As to which is the bastardization of the original,
your guess is as good as mine.

I checked the Dictionary of American Slang for info on "have another
thing(k) coming" but could find no listing under any of the words in
the phrase. The dictionary is copyright 1986; wouldn't you consider
this expression to be slang? It's certainly common enough to merit a
mention, I would think. Let me just take this moment to register my
vote for "another think coming", if only because it sounds better to
my New England ears. I can justify this use further, should anyone want
to hear my explanation.

While I'm on this subject of idioms and colloquialisms, has anyone
ever heard the idea of startling or surprising someone expressed as
"[you] jumped [me]"? I believe this probably derived from the notion
of causing someone to jump. I know most people think this means "[you]
_attacked_ [me]" when they hear it. It is an expression used frequently in
my family, and I am beginning to believe that it is used _only_ by my
family, since my informal polls in the years since I left backwards
little Buckfield, ME, have revealed no one else who is familiar with
this use.

Matthew B. Hicks |"Bathe her and bring her to my tent--that's what
matt -at- unidata -dot- ucar -dot- edu | power's all about."
303/497-8676 | Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect

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