Re: Signature blocks

Subject: Re: Signature blocks
From: Soh Kam Hung <h -dot- soh -at- TRL -dot- OZ -dot- AU>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 09:50:25 +1000


WENDY wrote:
> I feel like a complete novice asking this question, but I'll
> stick out my neck anyway:
> How do you people get those neat signature blocks to
> look that way?

It depends on the program you use to read this mailing list. I use
``elm'' (on a Unix system) and I tell it to include my signature file at
the end of every letter I send.

> AND Where do you find those great quotes? Do you make them up
> or find them somewhere?

Try the ``Oxford Book of Quotations'', your favorite novel or your
favorite film.

> I compose online; is that my problem?

It depends on the mailing program and the operating system or bulletin
board you use.

In general, anyone sending queries about computers should realise that
this mailing list has readers using a large variety of computer systems.
They should include information in their queries such as:

1. The actual problem they are having.

2. The program and the system they are using. Please include the
version number of the software if possible.

> (I hope this is appropriate to ask on this list.)

Considering the, uh, inappropriate messages we have been reading for the
last month or so, your request is a relief!

> I saw--not for the first time--Len Olszewski's sig block, and it
> reminded me again to ask. Others have neat ones, too. How DO you do
> that?

Long signatures (anything over four or five lines) are generally frowned
upon since they consume network resources to broadcast without conveying
any new information.


Soh Kam Hung, Network Management Research, | h -dot- soh -at- trl -dot- oz -dot- au
TRL, POB 249 Clayton, Victoria 3168, Australia | +61 3 253 6638

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