Re: Windows Presentation Software

Subject: Re: Windows Presentation Software
From: Timothy Gray <tgray -at- SUGAR -dot- NEOSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 1994 21:12:59 -0600

> Does anyone have a recommendation for demo software that runs demos under MS
> Windows or even MS-DOS? We need to demo a Unix program, using canned screen
> captures, on an IBM-compatible laptop.

> We've looked at Asymetrix Toolbook, which is complicated and difficult for us
> non-programmers, and Asymetrix's Compel, which seems to be too simple (we
> some scripting, which either doesn't exist on Compel or can't be found in the
> user guide). We used to use Brightbill-Roberts Show Partner F/X, but B-R seems
> to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

> Please mail to me directly and, if you want, to the list. (I don't seem to get
> all list messages.) I will post the results to the list.

> Thanks!

I strongly recommend Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, even though
Lotus Freeland would be another good choice. I have done exactly what
you are planning on doing: capturing a screen print and pasting it
into a presentation slide. PowerPoint lets you crop and scale pasted
images, which lets you resize the screen scrape into something
that's visible.

If you use PowerPoint, you should a) first resize the screen you want
to paste until it takes up about 50% of your screen. Then 2) copy your
screen to the clipboard by pressing alt-printscreen. Then 3) paste the
image to your slide (if you use paste/special, specify the picture
image type.) You can then crop and scale the image until it takes up
the proper portion of the screen.

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