Re: UNIX screen captures

Subject: Re: UNIX screen captures
From: Tim Pera <uusr656!tim -at- UU2 -dot- PSI -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 1994 09:05:57 CST

Tracey Showalter (tshowalt -at- sctcorp -dot- com) writes:

> ...The current question is what screen capture package to use.
> The final copy will be B/W, so color is not an issue.

> So:
> - For those of you who take screen captures of UNIX-based software and
> import them into a DOS- or Windows-based DTP or WP package, what do
> you use and why?
> - Is there one image format that works better than others?

I use PaintShop Pro v2.0 (PSP) for Windows. I like it for the following reasons:

1. PSP can capture specific areas of the screen as well as the entire screen.
Also, I can click in a window and capture only it, just like Windows'

2. It exploits Windows' multiple-document interface (MDI) capability
to display multiple images in their own child windows within PSP.

3. I can save images in many formats (and by extension can use PSP as an
image converter, something it does very well). In particular, it can save
in Sun raster format (RAS).

4. My format of choice is Windows bitmap (BMP) RLE Encoded, which is typically
5-10x smaller than straight bitmap. FrameMaker 4.0 for Windows handles these
flawlessly (I import them by reference).

5. It's a capable image editor.

6. It's cheap. I think I paid less than $50 for it.

PaintShop Pro is made by:

JASC, Inc.
10901 Red Circle Drive
Suite 340
Minnetonka, MN 55343 USA
(612) 930-9171 (9-5 USA central time)
Compuserve: 72557,256 (72557 -dot- 256 -at- compuserve -dot- com)

Tim Pera
Technical Writer
Publishing Business Systems, Inc.
2833 Fairview Ave. N.
St. Paul, MN 55113 USA
tel: [001] (612) 639-0662 x213
fax: [001] (612) 639-0306
e-mail: tim -at- pbs -dot- com

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