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Subject: Re: Reading behavior
From: Fred Wersan <wersan -at- ZEUS -dot- MA30 -dot- BULL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 1994 08:22:04 EST

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I suspect this is not an isolated reading behavior.

** Right. I remember having the following real-life conversation:

QA: The user asked us such-and-such and the answer's not
in the manual. Better fix the manual.
Me: It's in the manual. Here's the page.
QA: Hmm... Nope, not there.
Me: Here's the paragraph.
QA: Hmm... Nope, not there.
Me: Here's the sentence.
QA: Oh.
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I think that what people want you to write is something like:

"Do not turn off the console. This means, do not turn off the console."

I get the feeling that people are hesitant to follow even the clearest, most
unambiguous direction without some reassurance that this is, in fact, what
they should do. That's why I like to use screen captures/illustrations. They
(I hope,) reinforce the text and reassure the reader.

I think that the 3rd party folks may (I say may, because I haven't read them
all and they aren't all wonderful so maybe I should say the good 3rd party
folks) be doing a better job at reassuring and supporting readers.

I think there's a connection here to the findings that Dr. Carroll reports in
the Minimalist Documentation book about how people had awful problems following
directions in tutorials.

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