copyright debate

Subject: copyright debate
From: James Poulakos <engjcp -at- GSUSGI2 -dot- GSU -dot- EDU>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 12:28:49 -0400

>> But this society has set up few rules, and the few rules there are seems
>> to be based on tolerance, respect, and freedom. If we impose the rigid
>> rules here of that outside world, will we stifle the desire to freely
>> give of ourselves, poisoning the so-far carefree atmosphere that
exists here?

>I can think of no better way to poison a carefree atmosphere that to
>steal the work of others and use it without their permission. Such an
>action is not based on respect or freedom, but on a callous disregard
>for the right of creators to own and control their own work.

I agree that copyright protection *fosters* an atmosphere of exchange and
sharing. If I were sure that I could never protect my own creative and
original work from bein misappropriated by someone for their own gain or
credit, then I would not share such work on the Net. I know that there
are people who steal others' work; I've seen it happen. A writer's work
wound up in PRINT, attributed to another person--and it had been snagged
off a USENET group. Without assurance that copyright laws protect my
work, I won't be willing to risk putting my stuff out there on the Net.

If, on the other hand, I have the security of copyright protection, then
I am willing to share--knowing that no one can freely claim credit for
my own work or make profit off of it without my permission and/or
cooperation. Heck, I WISH someone would make money off of my writing for
me--cuz then I'd take 'em to court, demonstrate that I was the original
author, and then take a hefty cut of the profits, leaving some for the
stealer to keep him in business so he can generate more income off of my
stolen work....if he's willing to pay a fair cost, I'm willing to work
with him.

>Copyright laws do not prevent authors from freely giving away their work,
>if that's what they choose to do. But authors must be free to choose
>*not* to give away their work, and copyright laws guarantee that
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