promotion vs. pay increase

Subject: promotion vs. pay increase
From: James Poulakos <engjcp -at- GSUSGI2 -dot- GSU -dot- EDU>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 1994 16:20:09 -0400

As a "Staff Assistant" in the Department of English, I gradually assumed
the duties of a computer geek and left off my work as a secretary and
staff writer (though I still must write several annual reports and some
public brochures, catalog copy, etc.). After my timid request for a raise
was turned down "regretfully" for lack of available money, I began a very
obvious & public search for a job in computer support, training or
writing--and my bosses came forth with a better job offer immediately:
promotion to "Computer Services Specialist I," paying 2 grand more than I
was making (and 2 grand less than the positions for which I was applying,
but I like it here). The promotion was a cinch, they said; all that was
required was the rubber-stamp approval of the Dean of the College of
A&S....who then declared he only reviewed promotion proposals in April (he
was new, so we weren't prepared for this), several months away. This is a
state university; there are all sorts of fiscal-year rules including the
one stating that promotions take effect at the beginning of the fiscal
year; thus I waited from April, when the Dean finally begrudged me my
promotion at the absolute minimum of the range of salary (in late April)
until July 1, when the fiscal year changed and my paychecks began to
reflect my new salary. There was no question of back pay; I wasn't
entitled to it until the official promotion, which took place July 1.

For six months I had all but the name, and none of the extra cash.
Considering the time I had spent performing the work as a Staff
Assistant, plus the time I spent convincing my own department to
instigate my promotion, I worked as a comp. spec. for 1.5 years before I
began to be paid for it.

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