Bryan's Dilemmas

Subject: Bryan's Dilemmas
From: "Laura M. Myott" <myottlm -at- CRAFT -dot- CAMP -dot- CLARKSON -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 12:00:55 -0400

Just so you don't feel left out, I've been running into the same problems as
you in my job search. I'm a Technical Communications and Computer Science
double major at Clarkson University graduating in three weeks with no job on
the horizon. Although, unfortunately, I can't say that the job search has
been at the top of my list yet because I've got other things to worry about
(like graduating). I've gone through the on-campus job search, had a few
interviews (almost all of which resulted in job trips), many "thanks for
interviewing with us letters from people I've never heard of (because our
career center sends out resumes to companies who request them), and no offers.

All of this time I've been faced with the same problem of people who are more
interested in my Computer Science skills than my Technical Communications
skills. I've already decided that I do not want to do programming (at least
not now) because it isn't something that I'm fond of--I want to write. But,
I keep getting calls from companies who want to interview me for programming
positions. I know that most places who want programmers probably also have
people writing various documents--design specs, user manuals, test procedures,
etc--but they never seem to call for those types of positions. It is very
frustrating for me because I could probably get a job programming, but I know
I would not be happy with such a job. So what do I do, take a job I won't
like and be able to pay my loans, or wait for that right job to come along
while my grace periods run out and I have no money?

I've been searching for a job on the East Coast (anywhere on the East Coast,
but I prefer the New England area) because my family, my boyfriend and his
family are
all here, but know I'm wondering if I should just give up and go to
California where all the jobs seem to be.
If anyone has any advice or could share their experiences with finding a job,
it will be put to good use.


Laura Myott
Clarkson University '94
myottlm -at- craft -dot- camp -dot- clarkson -dot- edu

P.S. Some of you may recall that I asked about job openings a while ago.
While I haven't been able to respond to a lot of them yet, I will be able
to concentrate more on a job search after my finals are done--so if you
asked me to send a resume and never got one, I apologize and they will be
on the way (with a higher GPA and more experience 8*) ).

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