Quotes, Churchill and CAPS

Subject: Quotes, Churchill and CAPS
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Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 10:42:52 -0700

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Re: Quotes: If my memory serves me well, W. Safire recently dealt
with this issue in his LANGUAGE column. And, he basically said that
either inside or outside the punctuation mark is O.K. By the way, can't
we see about getting him to subscribe to this list?

Re: Winston Churchill (whom the world community could sure use a
dose of these days): My favorite alleged quote: When charged with being
drunk one day by an Englishwoman, he replied: "Madam, I may be drunk,
but tomorrow morning I will be sober. You, however, will still be ugly."
He being no great beauty himself, it was a bit of the pot calling the
kettle a taxi.

Re: Capitals: I love the way Dave Barry uses them in his columns. He,
of course, is NOT writing documentation (I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP).
When I worked for Merrill Lynch (New York) I would have to read
daily financial summaries printed in ALLCAPS. Talk about eyestrain.
Thus, avoid excessive use thereof or risk alienating your audience.

Peace in the East,

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