Re: The Internet & Your Productivity

Subject: Re: The Internet & Your Productivity
From: Debra Carnegie <deb -at- SYMBOLOGIC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 6 May 1994 18:36:00 P

access to innumerable information resources for research and networking (ie,
lists, email, WWW, bboards, etc) is an incredibly positive asset. I've
learned more about online documentation, SGML, developments in the TW field
from my online activities than I ever would from paper information resources
(ie., my stc journal, local library, books, etc).

This access is often a tempting diversion and time sink. I can communicate
with many friends and colleagues over email, for 'free' on company time. I
can 'socialize' via bulletin boards (and catch up on the Melrose Place
gossip on The technology is new, and changing and exciting and
it is fun to play with and explore (especially WWW). If I'm having a bit
of writers block or spring fever, its often very difficult for me to focus
on my work.'

Sorry so quick and rambly, but this has to be quick. Feel free to follow up
with more questions.

Debra Carnegie
deb -at- symbologic -dot- com
>To: Multiple recipients of list TECHWR-L
>Subject: The Internet & Your Productivity
>Date: Friday, May 06, 1994 7:06PM

>Hi Folks-->

>I'm currently researching and writing (last minute, of course!) an
>article on the Internet and its influence on research and practice in
>technical communication. As you probably know, the many hours that many
>of us spend "logged in" are frequently viewed, by some, as trivial and
>unproductive 'play.' And, surprisingly, little research exists that
>undermines this myth (or _is_ it a myth?!?).

>Either way, if you would be so kind as to take two minutes (okay, five!)
>and document _any_ positive (aka, productive) or negative (aka,
>time-wasting) experiences that you've had using the Internet and any of
>its tool (e.g., library databases, electronic journals, gophers,
>listservers, bulletin boards, Mosaic, WWW, Uncover, e-mail, WAIS, and
>MOOs/MUDs), I--in turn--promise to acknowledge your contribution in the
>finished article (!!! :^), in addition to posting the compiled results
>back to the list.

>Eternally grateful for your time & for saving my bu--. Rather, thanks
>immensely! Brad.

> Brad Mehlenbacher Phone: (919) 515-4138
> Assistant Professor Fax: (919) 515-1836
> Technical Communication E-mail: brad_m -at- unity -dot- ncsu -dot- edu

> English Department Then they asked me who I was, and we
> NC State University looked at each other with growing
> Raleigh, NC 27695-8105 anxiety (Eric McCormack, _The Hobby_).

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