Re[2]: "U-prime"

Subject: Re[2]: "U-prime"
From: doug montalbano <doug_montalbano -at- CC -dot- CHIRON -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 6 May 1994 16:19:46 PST

Yes. I'll drink to that (it's Friday afternoon, after all).

We could probably work ourselves into a frenzy listing all our pet peeves
in this area.

"do" and its city cousin, "perform" for almost any verb you can
think of

"initiate" for "begin" (itself often not necessary)

Everybody jump in now...

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[Ken D'Albenas posts:]

>I once read a book that said we should not use the word "use."
>Not as a noun, not as a verb; no where, no how. At least, we
>should try hard to steer clear of it.

[and Barb (Philbrick?) answers:]

>Unfortunately, some (too many IMO) people have taken this injunction to mean
>replace "use" with "utilize."

>It is an interesting idea - I'll have to try it!

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