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Subject: tech writers & multimedia
From: Charles Sides <csides -at- FSCVAX -dot- FSC -dot- MASS -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 11:07:10 EDT


A few months ago, I posted several questions about multimedia in the
technical communications field. Those answers have allowed me to hone
the questions somewhat. So here we go again.

1. Are you involved in the use or design of multimedia products?

2. If you use multimedia products, in what capacity do you use them?

3. If you participate in the design of multimedia products, what is
your role?

4. Does your company involve itself in the use or design of multimedia

5. If it does, how is this involvement structured organizationally?
Is it part of the technical communications effort? An aspect of
marketing? Software engineering? etc.

6. If your company designs multimedia products, please describe the
makeup of a "typical" design team.

7. If your company designs multimedia products, what media are used?
(audio, video, text, graphics, digital photography, authoring software)

8. Do you think there is a role for technical writers in this industry?
If so, what do you think that role will be over the next 10-20 years?

9. How important will it be for the technical writers of tomorrow to be
able to do the following?

a. Write scripts for video.
b. Flowchart design structure.
c. Plan interactive jumps and links.
d. Use authoring software (Action, IconAuthor, etc.)
e. Shoot and edit video.
f. Shoot still photography.
g. Write design overview documents.

10. Do you anticipate that you will have to become knowledgeable of this
area, as you continue your career in technical writing? In what ways?

Thanks for your time and input. Eventually, all this material will amount
to something -- an updated program design and an article, I hope.


Charles H. Sides
csides -at- fscvax -dot- fsc -dot- mass -dot- edu

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