Re: reflectionsx unix emulator (sic)

Subject: Re: reflectionsx unix emulator (sic)
From: Fred M Jacobson <fred -at- BOOLE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 16:28:18 PDT

Caryn Rizell wrote:
> Has anyone used ReflectionsX on a PC to run unix programs?

> Any comments about how it worked? Is it really no different
> than running from a workstation as far as usability, speed, etc?

Reflection/X 4.0 does not run Unix programs. It is a MS-Windows-
based X server. X is a display system used by many Unix workstations.
An X server provides display services to a program. The program can
run on another machine. In the case of X terminals and X servers that
run on non-Unix systems, the program actually runs on a workstation
(or other Unix machine).

I use a Sun workstation. A writer who works with me uses an X terminal
connected to the same network. When he runs FrameMaker, it runs on my
workstation and displays on his X terminal. I plan to get a Windows-
based X server to use at home. (I'll probably get PC-Xware 1.03 because
it comes with software that makes it pretty effective over a serial
connection.) By using the X server from home, I will be able to run the
Unix-based product I document on my workstation and using my PC's
keyboard and display.

There is a review of 9 Windows-based X servers in the May 1994 issue of
UNIX Review (v. 12, n. 5, pp. 47-59). Reflection/X 4.0 received the
following ratings:

Documentation Superior
Stability Excellent
Installation and Administration Average
Desktop and Interface Average
Network Support Superior

The review states that Reflection/X is a licensed version of Xoftware/32
from AGE Logic Inc. The review criticized the integration of Reflection/X
with other network products of WRQ Inc. It says to be careful if you are
running TCP/IP software from another vendor. It isn't clear from the
review whether or not Reflection/X works over a serial connection and, if
it does, what other software you need.

Get the magazine or contact me if you want more details.

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