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Subject: Re: napping
From: "Tom Bayston Jr." <ind00007 -at- PEGASUS -dot- CC -dot- UCF -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 13:37:07 -0400

I only have my personal testimony that a twenty or thirty minute rest
restores lost energy, revitalizes mental processes -- after lunch is the
traditional (and naturally so) siesta period. I learned it by observing
animals in nature, by the way.

I have been trying to encourage the same idea of providing even the space
and accommadations for reclined rest at the university campus, and the
office where I used to work; they didn't listen to me either.

American culture has a strong prejudice against anything except a breakneck
pace of productivity until the whistle blows. Of course, many of the CEO's
are having drinks by 3 p.m. In sales, even earlier - <g>.

I guess they all know better than Microsoft how to maximize employee
efficiency.... yeah, right.

Any ammunition you collect to carry on this crusade, please be kind
enough to forward to me, or at least post to the list if others are


Tom Bayston Jr.
University of Central Florida
bayston -at- pegasus -dot- cc -dot- ucf -dot- edu


On Tue, 17 May 1994, Patrick O'Connell wrote:

> I won't go into the gory details, but I just had something of a run-in with
> our office manager here on the subject of having a place for employees to
> power-nap during the day. The person in question believes that "there's a
> problem" if someone needs to nap during the day -- ARGGH! I think it may
> take a great deal to bring this person over to my side of this issue, if
> that's even possible, so I'm looking for references to any literature
> containing positive conclusions about the benefits of daytime naps for
> corporate drones.

> This includes books (OK, I'm not expecting too many), magazine or newspaper
> articles (magazine is better; easier to get reprints), WHATEVER. I'd also
> like to hear from anyone whose employer has designated "nap areas" and/or
> officially approves of 10 winks to chase away the post-prandial coma or
> overtime-exhaustion blues -- especially if there have been measurable
> benefits. The only company I know of that does this presently is Microsoft.

> Thanx,
> PatO'
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