Please Read This For AD Clarification

Subject: Please Read This For AD Clarification
From: Lissa Richman Evms <RICHMAN -at- PICARD -dot- EVMS -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 26 May 1994 10:28:28 -0400

Is there ANYONE out there besides me who realizes that this "SKINNY DIP"
bull was sent for a reason?

Did anyone else think to write to the original sender and ask WHY?

Well, not only did I do just that, but I forwarded "HER" response to this list.
I guess that some of us just missed the point!

Please allow me to explain:

Upon receipt of the ad, I wrote asking WHY it had been sent to me, as well as
to the other members of this list, particularly when it is common knowledge
that most LISTSERV groups find such an intrusion to be offensive.

I received a prompt response. It appears that the original sender of this
ad (meaning not the Tech Whirl {I am borrowing this phrase} members who have
inadvertantly repeated it) believes that these ads SHOULD be sent over the
internet and that they DO have a place -- FOR PEOPLE WHO ENCOURAGE THEM!!!!!

In effect, the ad-sender's point is that internet users MUST address the
need for policy (not mailbombing, which can be hazardous)!

A portion of the ad-sender's reply follows:

"Well, let me say that junk mail on the TELNET Higway should be requested
and not simply sent. I would like all of us to tell the root.controllers
that they_must_implement_the_rules_of_privacy (emphasis added), business
and created a block for these vultures who pay nothing to take up our time
and irritate us with the crap that we normally just get in the mail and
throw away.

"Thank you for your time and asking for the why."

Now, maybe I am pushing this point, but I believe in what this person is
saying: (1) First of all, some of us are not fortunate enough to "surf"
the internet for Free, as in through an employment account; (2) If you
personally purchase access to the internet, you should have some level of
control over the nature of the materials sent to your attention; (3) It should
not be the responsibility of the individual to police their own account -
would you say/write some of the things that you have said/written if you
were looking the sender in the eye, on your average dark alley-way?; and
(4) Don't you agree that we, the consumers of our "route" on the highway
ought to DEMAND an acceptable policy devised by the internet "managers"
before BIG-BUSINESS (this term also means BIG$ and Broad-Lobby-Strength)
asserts its influence?

Thanks for your time!


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