Re: Please Read This For AD Clarification

Subject: Re: Please Read This For AD Clarification
From: Vicki Rosenzweig <murphy!acmcr!vr -at- UUNET -dot- UU -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 26 May 1994 12:28:20 EDT

Let me get this straight. This person wants us all to have
control over what ads we receive. Therefore, she sent us all
a completely irrelevant ad. Is this annoyance as a political
tactic? Part of the point of having the net divided into
groups based on interests is to keep us from receiving/having
to deal with material we're not interested in. For example,
a job offering in technical writing in New York City would
reasonably be posted to this list, and to,
and possibly to a New York local group: it doesn't belong
on or comp.sys.sun. Yes, we are now aware of
the need for a policy--but most of us already were. Hasn't
this person been online long enough to remember the flap over
that immigration lawyer? If she simply disagrees with most
net users and feels that such ads should be on the net, well,
she knew what she was getting into. This is like playing your
stereo at 110 decibels for 3 days straight because you think
the police should take noise complaints seriously.

Please forward this comment to the person with the thigh cream.

Vicki Rosenzweig
vr%acmcr -dot- uucp -at- murphy -dot- com
New York, NY

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