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Subject: Re: Portfolios
From: Len Olszewski <saslpo -at- UNX -dot- SAS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 1994 12:25:24 -0400

Gwen Gall asks us for self-incrimination:

> Jim Grey provides an anecdote about an interview experience, which prompts me
> to ask if anyone else would be interested in hearing informative, instructive
> and/or amusing life experiences about job interviews, getting contracts, etc.


This has nothing to do with technical writing. When I first started to
explore switching careers about 6 years ago (said exploration which
eventually led me into technical communication), I applied for the job
of CEO (yes, they advertised for a CEO in the paper) for a software
development firm. I was delighted when they asked me to interview.

I put on my best suit, polished my shoes, chose the right tie. Then I
went to their place of business for the interview.

Now, I've been in interviews where I was the only one with a tie on
before. I've been to interviews where I was the only one with a jacket
on (never mind a suit) before. I've even been to interviews where I was
the only one with long pants before. However, this was the first
interview I ever attended where I was the only one wearing shoes.

Now, in defense of the company, some of the folks there *were* wearing
socks. Imagine my relief. Nice not to be *completely* overdressed, no?

I didn't get the job. However, about two weeks after I interviewed, in
the same letter they used to tell me they didn't want me as the CEO,
they told me that if I ever found a project for them which they sold and
completed, I could expect a finder's fee. Interesting approach to
marketing, eh? Ask your rejects to find work for you. Only in software
development, I guess.

I never heard any more about this company. I expect it's long gone. I
could have helped them. But would I have been happy there?

I sure would have saved a couple of bucks on footwear, let me tell you.

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