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Subject: Re: degrees
From: Len Olszewski <saslpo -at- UNX -dot- SAS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 13:57:22 -0400

Laura Lemay has this to say (among other things) about degrees and the
people who hold them:


> What bothers me is that there are so few people out there who have those
> few simple requirements, degreed or not. The ratio of bozos to decent
> writers seems to be HUGE. Is it like this in other fields?

Indeed. In my experience, it doesn't make very much difference which
field of endeavor you explore. The truly competent are not only rare,
but are uniformly an absolute pleasure to encounter when you find them.
The fact of having a top ten percent implies also having a messy 90
percent underneath it. One out of every two degreed technical writers
graduated in the bottom half of his or her class.

You should see how it is in corporate finance, or even worse, local
government. Top quality people are alwyas in short supply. That's why
they are considered top quality.

And me? I stink, of course. ;-)

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