The Last Word on Degrees :-)

Subject: The Last Word on Degrees :-)
From: "Vollbach, Elizabeth" <evollbach -at- LOGICON -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 09:53:03 PST

I haven't said this on the list before because I didn't want too many
people to take it wrong. But I've had it with all the posts from
nondegreed people who seem to belittle my degree. I resent it.

I think it was Karen Kay who spoke of "determination" in people who
have degrees, and I think that is the thing that can separate me from
some nondegreed people. (Notice, please, I say "some.") Often, when
a college educated person is chosen over someone who is not, this is
the reason, I think. A lot of nondegreed people resent this, but
sometimes an employer has no other way of knowing. And determination
is an important factor because it can mean the difference between a
good employee and an all right employee.

I'm SURE that this is so. For example, there's me. When I was in
college I was in a serious car accident. Just the fact that I
attempted college after that said a great deal about my determination
for success. And that has determined my success in my profession,

Determination is no little thing. And when an employer knows next to
nothing about a potential employee, that degree can be a sign of
determination and a sign that that employee will be good for the
company. And, since I had to work so, so hard after my accident, I
sure do dislike the resentful tone of so many nondegreed people who
continually imply that I took the easy road and am getting something
for nothing, and that my degree shouldn't count. Because you probably
can't even imagine how hard I had to work to get that "expensive piece
of paper" and to get where I am now. And no one had better belittle
that! Beth


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