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Subject: Re: "Shall" & "Will"
From: Rod Bruce <ARAGORN -at- MANKATO -dot- MSUS -dot- EDU>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 13:25:35 -0500

On Fri, 03 Jun 1994 09:15:00 -0700 (PD, Mike Pope wrote:

>In the US, "shall" is NOT USED. If you doubt this, try to
>find references in any current major US publication illustrating
>the use of "shall".

Ask and you shall receive ;-)

I found the following article titles that appeared recently in three
different major US publications.

From _The New York Times_ Oct 3, 1993

"Green shall return, like it or not"

From _Computerworld_ Feb 1, 1993

"She shall overcome" (article about the growing ranks of women in
information systems management)

From _Business Week_ June 28, 1993

"The tiny shall inherit the market: 'subnotebooks' are fast becoming
the hot growth niche in PCs"

I don't know if anyone has brought up Strunk and White in regards to
this thread, but they use the following example to illustrate the

A swimmer in distress cries, "I shall drown; no one will save me!"
A suicide puts it the other way: "I will drown; no one shall save me!"

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