Combining Training & Doc

Subject: Combining Training & Doc
From: "Bonni J. Graham" <bgraham -at- ELECTRICITI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 21:15:52 PST

OH! Collaborating! I thought you meant combining as in "adding one more
thing for management to heap on the tech writer's desk and demand on time
and under budget in the same time it takes fifteen programmers to write ONE
set of code." As Emily Litella says, "That's very different."

I agree, in that case. At my last company, the separation was an enduring
problem. Two very different (and conflicting) messages about the product
were being delivered by training and doc (two departments). They didn't
want to hear from us -- but we desperately wanted to find out from them
what their main problem areas were, so we could help address them in the
doc. We felt that doc & training should be complementary -- not done by
the same person, but discussed by both teams so that we could help each
other. I still would lik more of a chance to do that (although
contracting, I'm not sure how I could -- but I'll take any ideas on how to
wriggle my way in...)

Bonni Graham
Manual Labour
Director, Region 8 Conference
bgraham -at- electriciti -dot- com

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