Three things I Learned Today

Subject: Three things I Learned Today
From: "Bonni J. Graham" <bgraham -at- ELECTRICITI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 23:01:44 PST

Despite the tone of my earlier posts (i'm very tired, and responded quicker
than I should have, probably), I do want to thank everyone who responded to
the Great Courier Debate. I learned three things from it:

1) I should (there's That Word again) read all the posts on a topic before
I respond publically. I kind of knew this, but had been ignoring it. Now
I won't -- I sent two posts that really could have been one. I hope I
wasn't too repetitious.

2) I should be a lot more careful in how I say things. I feel like I know
so many of you on the list that I forget that we're not just talking --
that I have to be careful to say exactly what I mean -- the Courier
Decision was really honestly only one factor I used, but my post made it
sound quite different. (And Beth, I'm not saying "don't send in a resume
if you don't exaclty match the ad" at all, although I see where you got
that. I'm just saying don't send a badly designed resume to a job for a
design position -- in other words, don't contradict yourself.)

3) Check the NUM LOCK key before you use the number keypad in front of a
class you're teaching. Actually, I didn't learn that here, but it's useful
advice anyway.

Thanks, all, for keeping my on my toes! (And I DO mean that sincerely, not
Bonni Graham
Manual Labour
Director, Region 8 Conference
bgraham -at- electriciti -dot- com

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