Re: "Notes" column in the manual?!?

Subject: Re: "Notes" column in the manual?!?
From: John Gough <john -at- ATRIUM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 1994 15:23:37 CDT

[ Jim Grey writes: ]
> o Does anybody have a "Notes" area on their manual pages? How are your
> manuals formatted to accommodate this?

> o Has anybody had to handle this request before? How did you deal with
> it?

I like to make notes in training manuals at the point where they're
relevant. Many training manuals accomodate this need with 2 or 3
inches on the right and at the bottom.

Using the print documentation as training manuals is not such a hot
idea, for all of the reasons that have been posted. Sigh. Some
things to try:

1. Try taking from the left margin rather than the right. You
probably can't get a whole inch, but you should be able to
"cheat" the whole page image 1/2". Then try pushing the headings
another 1/4-1/2 inch toward the text column (reducing the
heading offset). That way the inherent white space is added
to the space you create with additional offsets.

2. If your tools allow it, take the lower third of every right-hand
page and make a notes box. This is easy to do in FrameMaker, might
be tough using other tools. You avoid wrecking your format.
Users may or may not be able to make their notes close enough
to the desired text.

3. Give the prize to the person who posted a suggestion to use bigger paper.
Just brilliant!

John Gough john -at- atrium -dot- com
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