resume eval criteria

Subject: resume eval criteria
From: Anne Halseytechwriter <ach -at- TOMICHI -dot- STORTEK -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 1994 13:58:52 -0600

Responding to Karen Steele and Eric Ray's posts on what criteria
we use to evaluate resumes:

I immediately 'file-13' any resume with typos and/or
grammar/punctuation/spelling errors. My rationale? One's
resume is of immediate importance to a writer; if a writer cannot take
the care to get his/her own resume (and cover letter) up to
snuff, then I cannot reasonably expect that person to give
my docs the care they deserve. Subjective? You betcha.
Arbitrary? I don't think so.

I look for things like unexplained gaps in job history, which,
as Karen points out, can be pretty effectively covered up by a
functional resume. I also look for someone with 'butterfly'
syndrome - moving from job to job frequently, *or* with
predictable regularity.

Obviously, I look for descriptions of duties, responsibilities,
or accomplishments which are applicable to the job I'm trying
to fill. This is where the ability to tailor one's resume to
a specific job posting comes in handy. If my job posting lists
experience in an IBM mainframe environment as a requirement, I
probably won't call you in for an interview if your resume or
cover letter does not indicate that you meet that requirement.

I rarely look for experience with the specific publishing package
I'm using. If your resume indicates experience with one or more
of the popular packages, I assume you can learn the specifics of
any oddball combination I might be using. I *do* want to see
mention of the environments/tools you use (PC/Mac/workstation,
DOS/Windows/UNIX, FrameMaker/Interleaf/QuarkXpress/Ventura/MS Word).
In my own resume, I have categories for operating systems and publications

Unlike Karen, I have no basic suspicion of functional resumes. In
fact, I recently updated my own to be functional - mainly because
I found myself repeating similar types of duties/accomplishments
across multiple jobs. Generating a functional resume allowed
me to get the document to a single page. I did, however, include
the chronological title/company/from-to information which
Eric mentioned.

I don't get too excited about paper, font choice, or layout - unless
something strikes me as just being *unbelievably* bad.


anne halsey
sr tech writer, storagetek
anne_halsey -at- stortek -dot- com

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