Re: (tangent) "Click" or "click on" the GUI button?

Subject: Re: (tangent) "Click" or "click on" the GUI button?
From: Ken Stitzel <stitzel -at- LVLD -dot- HP -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 15:44:22 GMT

Ken d'Albenas (kendal -at- autotrol -dot- cuc -dot- ab -dot- ca) wrote:

: When an application has on-screen "buttons" (or "icons") that the
: user can trigger with a mouse click, which do you write:

: (a) "Click on the <icon_name> button."
: or
: (b) "Click the <icon_name> button?"

In my previous incarnation as a tech writer (at Otto-troll), we always
used "click on the <whatever> button". You would click the mouse but
click on a graphic button. I believe the training folks used the same

: (a) Click on "Blast Jupiter" to vapourize the red planet.
: (b) Click "Blast Jupiter" to vapourize the red planet.

Jupiter is not red, although it has a red spot. Mars is known as the
Red Planet. What kind of fast one are you trying to pull???

: Time for a quickie poll of the experts. Yes, friends, that means
: you.* Do you say "on" or not? Is there a consensus? (Consensus?
: What's that? ;-)

Expert, shmexpert. I'm just a professional curmudgeon anymore. ;-)

Ken Stitzel, an unrepresentative of HP, unreachable by e-mail, either,
apparently. Maybe I'll have my own node again someday...[insert long
whining episode]

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