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Subject: Re: References
From: HEATHER ATKINSON <HMA209 -at- COMMSUPP -dot- NWSCC -dot- SEA06 -dot- NAVY -dot- MIL>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 08:10:11 EST

> However, company policy prohibits managers from giving any information
> concerning former employees to outside sources, except to confirm the
> dates of employment.

I have found that sometimes this can be advantageous though. At my
company, their policy is to offer a "neutral" reference. They
can only confirm the dates I worked here, not how well I performed,
or what me salary is. AH-HA! Here is where it works to my
advantage. No, I don't get a "sparkling" review from my boss (but I
provide points-of-contact references for that), but because of the
neutral reference, I am able to "fudge" on my current salary in order
to obtain the actual salary I think I deserve, not just an additional
peanut on top of the peanuts I'm making now. And, I just got a new
job on Monday, so apparently it works! :-)

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