Lots of nonsense

Subject: Lots of nonsense
From: "Robert E. Allen" <re_allen -at- PNL -dot- GOV>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 19:23:38 GMT

Here's an extract from a file called "saywhat" in my "stuff"
subdirectory. I cut & paste interesting statements that appear
in electronic documents I'm working on. (I changed or deleted
all of these examples except the two noted.) I review this
file whenever I start to worry about the need for my job.

The subcontract is expected to be definitized by mid-August.

Spending for this project is currently underspent.

Work on conversion to ASCII format from WordPerfect format of the
Fact Book Revision 12 data for the United States, Germany, and
Japan was initiated using the procedures developed from previous
conversion of the remaining 20 sections of the Fact Book will be
completed during July, following receipt of input from SNL on the
successful incorporation of this data into the EnviroTRADE

We had not been unable to speed up the process because of the
intractable nature of the DOE procurement system.

The development of technologies to achieve optimum conditions in
the saturated subsurface for destruction of mixtures of
chlorinated solvents is being accomplished by collecting,
consolidating, and comparing published kinetic data for
biological destruction of TCE to determine the robustness and
accuracy of existing kinetic expersions.

Two regional conferences were hell in Spokane....

This model represents microbial lag as a non-local function of

The quantity of sugar added to the feed for Segment 11 was
increased to 15 g/L. This was based on engineering judgement and
some coin tossing.

Both the thermal and electric conductivity of an assumed cubic
packed, noncontacting, monodispersed discrete spherical particle
phase in a continuous fluid field can be related analytically to
the conductivity of the continuous phase, subject to assumptions.

In this case, however, it is not obvious that this is the case.

Any questions just give me a call and I will attempt to confuse
you further.

The majority of the cumulative cost variance, (negative) -$173K
is due to less performance occurring on the PA efforts than spent
to accomplish. The trend is a good improvement from last
reporting period.

To advance bubble growth modeling, a rule was selected to allow
bubbles to grow spherically.

Where concerns tend to be perception rather than performance
based, mitigation plans can be executed to reduce institutional
concerns where appropriate.

ER/WM projects should be managed starting with the desired end-
state(s) and deconvolved backwards into its components that will
eventually lead to the commercialization and utilization of the
project's results...ER/WM project managers by the end of FY 1994
should be able to explain this deconvolution at any time to any

Get the proper people involved to develop a plan to
operationalize the concept.

...Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution...(I didn't change this
one--it's a real title in the British government.)

The Project is has experienced some delays due to problems at the
costumers facility.

Time is always running out - it's rather asymettric in nature
(notice how we never have to worry about time accumulating on
us!). I hope that helps.

We now have copies of WordPerfect for Widows version 5.2....

The melter bottom will be installed when the assessment of the
molybdenum udder life expectancy is completed. (No change,
it's accurate.)

I am taking it upon myself to initiative a process by which we
look at options and proceed with a recommendation ....

We must melt client focus with technical inquisitiveness and take
strong, proactive positions on issues.

Procedures necessary for routinizing activities under the Routine
Monitoring Program continue to be developed.

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