Re: Between (among?) you, me, and the bitnet

Subject: Re: Between (among?) you, me, and the bitnet
From: "Robert E. Allen" <re_allen -at- PNL -dot- GOV>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 1994 14:25:56 GMT

In article <9405167717 -dot- AA771798760 -at- tcplink -dot- nrel -dot- gov>, millerb -at- tcplink -dot- nrel -dot- gov

> According to Bernstein's The Careful Writer, "When three or more
> things are brought into a relationship severally and
> reciprocally, 'between' is proper."

I've got some references that say "between" is used for relationships between
two items, "among" for three or more. Others say "between" is becoming
acceptable for three or more. I asked my manager why I was given
contradictory references. She said that was so I could edit things so they
sounded correct and have at least one reference to back my decision. Or,
to copy the James Kilpatrick quote that's on my bulletin board, "Writers
must rely more on the feel of sentence than on the dictates of a rule book."

So, either pick one reference as your authority or write it so it feels right.

Simplicate and add light

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