Adobe side note

Subject: Adobe side note
From: Karen Steele <karen -at- BILBO -dot- SUITE -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 1994 09:52:31 -0500

> Shannon Ford <shannon -at- UNIFACE -dot- ALAMEDA -dot- CA -dot- US>

> >Beware that if the only method you use for distributing docs is with
> >postsript files (like Acrobat files), you may be locking blind users
> >out of the product. This is because the translation (text to speech)
> >programs available today cannot read these files.

> David Bergart says

> It's worse than that. Believe it or not -- even some of us who are not blind
> can't do diddly with Postscript files. Postscript is a standard only for
> people with Postscript printers, but you'd never know that from the number of
> docs that are available only in PS. If I have to buy a $1000 PS printer just
> to read the docs for your product, you've priced yourself out of the
> competi tion.

Just one more note on this subject: We make a number of our documents
available in PS format. However, in shipping the PS files to customers in
remote locations (over the 'net), something happens. Our customer can't
read our PS files -- and we can't read theirs. I'm still working on the why &
how to fix it. We have compatible equipment -- and communicate over the
'net in every other way.

One of the main reasons we like to send PS files is the books are preliminary
& we don't want them changed (by marketing or sales) until they are in final
format. That advantage went to the wind when we plucked PS files from the
net & ran them through an ASCII convertion program -- rendering
readable/writable files (although not foramtted).

Anyone else having similar problems?

Karen Steele

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