Re: Shut Windows down versus shutdown Windows

Subject: Re: Shut Windows down versus shutdown Windows
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Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 21:53:12 GMT

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>I need some help with the verb To Shut Down.
>For example, in a procedure, I need to say something like:
>1. Shut Windows down and restart it.

>Would it be more correct to say
>1. Shut down Windows and restart it.

Unfortunately, neither of these choices sound very graceful or very
standard. I would opt, if possible, for the more standard "Exit
Windows" --- which is what the Windows docs use.

[A paragraph of jbergen -at- aol -dot- com's (JBergen) post deleted]

Janie Bergen
AnswerSoft Inc.

I agree with J.Bergen: use what the Windows docs use, "Exit Windows." There
may be some advantage or serendipity in this consistency, namely that users
don't have to learn the same task (shutting down Windows) twice.

Just my two centavos, counter-examples and contrary opinions welcome!
Bob Hawley
rth1 -at- quartet -dot- att -dot- com

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