Re: Writer's Block

Subject: Re: Writer's Block
From: "David L. Bergart" <bodafu -at- CCVAX -dot- SINICA -dot- EDU -dot- TW>
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 1994 17:45:38 +0800

Open letter to Greg Owens.

Dear Greg:

So...You want to be a publisher. That's wonderful. But before you stuff my
mailbox full of your next effort, think a bit about netiquette. It is
reasonable to assume that not *everyone* on this mailing list wants to read
your rag. I surely don't. It is reasonable to assume that not everyone wants
to pay to receive your 30 kilobytes of deathless prose. Luckily I don't have
to pay for my connection now, but others do and one day I will too (if you
think I'm pissed off now, talk to me then).

Greg, this is a mailing-list for *discussions* about technical writing and the
issues surrounding it. It is not a forum for anybody who is excited about
e-text to post their creations -- no matter what the subject matter, and it is
not a forum for anyone who wants to teach unilaterally.

Next time, please just post a blurb and a pointer to where people who WANT to
read _Writer's Block_ can get it. You could even run a mail server for those
without FTP.

(Now, where's that old manuscript of my teenage love poems? Maybe all the nice
techwhirlers would be interested...)

Miss Manners is on vacation. This month's flame has been written by her stand
in, David.

bodafu -at- ccvax -dot- sinica -dot- edu -dot- tw

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