Re: Writer's Block

Subject: Re: Writer's Block
From: RoseRead -at- AOL -dot- COM
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 1994 12:22:33 EDT

David B. writes:

>So...You want to be a publisher. That's wonderful. But before you stuff my
>mailbox full of your next effort, think a bit about netiquette. It is
>reasonable to assume that not *everyone* on this mailing list wants to read
>your rag. I surely don't. It is reasonable to assume that not everyone
>to pay to receive your 30 kilobytes of deathless prose. Luckily I don't
>to pay for my connection now, but others do and one day I will too (if you
>think I'm pissed off now, talk to me then).
Hey David, maybe not everyone on the list wants to read your sarcastic,
biting replies either? I SURE DON'T!

During my first foray into Internet Access, I (innocently and ignorantly
enough) replied to someone's *reply* on a message board, not knowing that I
was arguing with them, not against them. In any event, I committed a gross
internet "Boo-Boo". The sarcasm and flaming that followed was enough to curl
my electronic toes. Sheesh, I thought, what a bunch of *jerks*.

I'm tired of watching people get their "electronic heads" bitten off,
because, for whatever reason, they may NOT be aware of numerous and intricate
protocols of a particular list or board. There are obvious abuses, but then
again, there are not. When Mr. Owens' publication found its way into my
mail box, I simply "ignored it" and took it off my list of new mail. (I then
decided to go back and retrieve it after I read David's flame, curious as to
just what could've have provoked such biting "deathly" prose.)

I'm glad you are so proficient at biting comment, David, but please, can we
confine this to "*discussions* about technical writing and the issues
surrounding it", and correct the dreaded NET-OFFENDERS privately?

Kim T.
(roseread -at- aol -dot- com)
PS: I *AM* a nice techwriter, but I am a ruthless and mean poet, so spare me
the teenage love poems, OK? ;-)

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