Industry uses it

Subject: Industry uses it
From: Gregory=Kushmerek%AcctgMed%FIN -at- HUMRES-SERVER -dot- NET -dot- TUFTS -dot- EDU
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 1994 09:05:54 EDT

> Right you are about OS/2. It's just that I have never seen it in use
> anywhere, except once at a trade show, so forgive me for
> offense intended.

I won't say anything, I won't say anything, I won't . . . AIEEEE! ;-)

Just some data points: I use OS/2 here as an integrating platform
between a TSO environment, some DOS applications I have to support,
and some MS-Win apps our office uses.

Anacomp, one of the largest microfiche corporations in the US, uses
OS/2 as their server for high-speed data-line transfers.

Want a smaller example? Keyfile in New Hampshire uses OS/2 as the
backbone for their LAN -- they're an MS-Windows shop.

I won't waste anymore bandwidth on this topic, I just wanted to show
that people do use it in industry.


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