Mosaic and Standards (was: Format for standards tables)

Subject: Mosaic and Standards (was: Format for standards tables)
From: Valerie Archambeau <varchamb -at- MIDWAY -dot- UCHICAGO -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 1994 10:27:36 -0600

>I like Doug's idea of a series of tables that list
>the variant standards that we have to deal with.

>Hmmm...What would be the ideal format for these table?
>Wouldn't hypertexted Mosaic docs be ideal for this?

>Perhaps some WWW users could comment, or perhaps others
>have better ideas. I'd like to hear them.

>lffunkhouser -at- halnet -dot- com
Sorry it took me so long to reply--I had a deadline...

Unfortunately, HTML, the mark-up language for Mosaic is very limited
in its formatting ability. (I know--I've just been wrasslin' with it =^>)
It might be difficult to come up with a "table",in itself. Some creative
work-arounds might be necessary. You see, Mosaic provides a limited number
of styles that you *must* use (in your original word processing doc) in
order for the text to be properly converted into the program screen. Mosaic
takes the styles that you have given the text and then formats the document
on its own--at this point you have little or no control over the visual
look and feel. Individual users of Mosaic may change the look using their
preferences option.

It would be possible, however, to create a page that had links to various
industries/professions standards (i.e., "Click here to view our standards
among programmers." "Click here to view our writing standards among
student help-desk assistants").

Alternately, you have each word on the Standards list hyperlinked to
a page detailing standards in all applicable industries.

Just some ideas. I hope this makes sense. I haven't had my morning
caffeine dose yet....

varchamb -at- midway -dot- uchicago -dot- edu

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