Re: Men, Women, Smileys, and .signature files

Subject: Re: Men, Women, Smileys, and .signature files
From: DaveTaylor -at- AOL -dot- COM
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 1994 11:10:41 EDT

Andreas Ramos wrote:
> Here's another note similar to smileys:
> what about signatures? I notice that it's especially men who have
> signatures (it's also a mark of understanding the system well enough to
> make one) and it's technical types who have elaborate signatures, often
> with ascii art, or pithy quotes or disclaimers.

> For me, signature files are the bumper stickers of the info. highway. (poor
metaphor, i know.)

Interesting. I hadn't analyzed signatures by owner. I like signatures
because they tell me something about the people using them and make it easier
to identify further posts from them. Just as, in the real world, I can
identify a face or a voice faster than I can a name on a nametag.

Michael LaTorra wrote:
> Good point. It does seem that men, peacock fashion, like
> to display their "signature plummage".

I guess it works. I've received several favorable comments on my signature,
all (as I recall) from women.

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