Re: Is this why paper books will never disappear? (a bit long)

Subject: Re: Is this why paper books will never disappear? (a bit long)
From: MegaZone <megazone -at- OBSIDIAN -dot- WPI -dot- EDU>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 1994 14:15:24 GMT

Patrick O'Connell <patricko -at- eicon -dot- com> shaped the electrons to say:
>store shelves, in the office, or in the home without that weight and volume?

Put lead in the box. I really don't care for the huge manual. A quick
reference guide is nice, but sell the manual seperately in hardcopy for
those who really want it.

>What's the FIRST thing you put your hands on when you crack open the new
>software package you've just received? Do you immediately seize the disks
>and begin installing [whatever]? I think not!

Actually, YES I do. I'm an engineer at heart, I don't read manuals, I
play with it. Besides, 99% of the software out there installs in the same
way. You've done it once, you know how to do it.

>How do you feel when you open a software package with little or no
>documentation? Ever had that let-down feeling?

I think it's great, if the software has good online help. Hypertext help
pages SHOULD replace text.

"Print is dead."
-Egon Spengler.

>Why does anyone ever register a shareware package to a tiny little
>saddle-stitched, 8-page manual containing nothing new in the way of

Because it invariably includes those nifty upgrades that are only
available by paying the licensing fee. I don't do it for the manuals.
I do it for the upgrades, or because the software is so cool I think the
writer *deserves* the cash.

>product or development manager, or even company president, has never opened
>and installed a software package? If you're up against some such management

Not enough. Same reason they seem to think they can rush a program to
the market and then be surprised when there are bugs.

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