Re: What the f -at- #$?

Subject: Re: What the f -at- #$?
From: Katharine M Schommer <scho0106 -at- GOLD -dot- TC -dot- UMN -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 1994 02:02:33 GMT

>...I find leaving the "n" out of "damned" to be completely silly...
>...if you don't feel comfortable enough using a word to spell it out, then
>you probably shouldn't bother to use it at all. If you think seeing a word
>in print is going to bother someone, why shouldn't you believe that making
>them think of that word is going to bother them just as much.

Amen, Matt!

Of course, in some situations, you have to be creative in order to sneak
"naughty" words past the automated censor program. But why not be truly
creative, then, and come up with something better? E-mail allows us to
think before we "speak", so howsabout taking advantage? I would enjoy a
break from worn-out phrases that lost their shock value before I was out
of grade school. How about "accursed for eternity" instead of "damned"?

As for offending others, I am more offended by people who use obscenities
and then apologize for it, as if they couldn't help themselves. As a
female engineer in a predominantly male manufacturing firm, I received
many apologies for foul language; my favorite was "Pardon my French", to
which I usually responded with a lesson on how to say the dirty word
correctly in French. Personally, I don't swear much (okay, maybe in my
car, but some of those bloody morons should get off the road!), but I
certainly don't wish to restrict others from expressing themselves as they
see fit. I liken swearing to outrageous clothing or hairstyles: whether
it's a learned behavior or a conscious plea for attention, you have the
option of being offended by it or ignoring it.

If someone makes up a petition to do away with "good" and "bad" words,
I'll sign it!

Kate Schommer | Obey gravity.
scho0106 -at- gold -dot- tc -dot- umn -dot- edu | It's the law.
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities |

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