Re[2]: What does a Tech Writer Do?

Subject: Re[2]: What does a Tech Writer Do?
From: Virginia Krenn <asdxvlk -at- OKWAY -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 1994 18:06:07 CDT

Now, you have hurt my feelings. I not only do these things myself
without any problems at all, I also assist my daughters and
sons-in-law with theirs.

Why not just move the VCR to a handier place and TEACH your mother how
to use it. Don't forget that you'll be "of a certain age" some day.
Don't you expect to become more capable rather than less capable as you


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Author: ,"Rollings, Gill" <WGILLR -at- wok-msmail-gw -dot- isl -dot- com> at SMTP

and I have to change the timer on my mother's VCR when we put the
clocks back and forward (next appointment will be on October 23 if I'm
not much mistaken). Is it a universal attribute of "women of a certain
age" that they are incapable of using their VCRs without being
supervised by one of their children or grandchildren? (Actually, I
think it's the idea of lying flat on the floor pressing tiny buttons
on the control panel to make the change that is the deciding factor -
the manual is reasonably clear, with lots of well-labelled diagrams.
Mum's just a bit too old to be grovelling on the floor fiddling with
the VCR when her daughter can grovel on the floor and fix it for her.)

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