Re: A bit more about wp programs.

Subject: Re: A bit more about wp programs.
From: Aahz <aahz -at- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 1994 04:18:15 GMT

In article <9409071303 -dot- AA15467 -at- brs -dot- com>, John Russell <johnr -at- brs -dot- com> wrote:
>> >> Because
>> tables are the only to format parallel columns in Word (WP has both
>> tables and parallel columns), Word is nearly useless for my style of
>> writing.<<

>I situation might be an outdented heading. We used to use them regularly,
>until we went to 7x9 page layout (from 8.5x11). The heading would look
>like this:

>This is My Here is the text of the section. I would include
>Sample Outdented all relevant information bla bla bla. But it
>Heading parallels the outdented heading, so a hanging
> indent wouldn't work. And, a table might even
> be awkward. We worked around this by creating a
> macro that inserted a pre-formatted frame and then
> inserted the text of the heading into it. But I
> don't think this is what the original poster meant.

This is exactly what I was talking about. WordPerfect has "parallel
columns", which does this with no difficulty. WordPerfect tables also
work, because you can use styles to ensure that all tables have the same
formatting. I *do not* like Word's table feature.
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