Re: A bit more about wp programs.

Subject: Re: A bit more about wp programs.
From: John Russell <johnr -at- BRS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 09:03:49 EDT

> >> Because
> tables are the only to format parallel columns in Word (WP has both
> tables and parallel columns), Word is nearly useless for my style of
> writing.<<

> If you are referring to wrapping columns, as in a page with two columns of
> text, both Word for Windows 2.whatever and 6.0 do this. If I've
> misunderstood your requirement, here, I apologize.

I wondered about this, too. I can think, though, of situations where a
simple two column table would work better than, for instance, inserting
a continuous section break and formatting the section as two column layout
and then inserting another continuous section break to continue on with
single column. OR, formatting a tag with a hanging indent. But I would
think that these situations would be pretty rare.

I situation might be an outdented heading. We used to use them regularly,
until we went to 7x9 page layout (from 8.5x11). The heading would look
like this:

This is My Here is the text of the section. I would include
Sample Outdented all relevant information bla bla bla. But it
Heading parallels the outdented heading, so a hanging
indent wouldn't work. And, a table might even
be awkward. We worked around this by creating a
macro that inserted a pre-formatted frame and then
inserted the text of the heading into it. But I
don't think this is what the original poster meant.

Maybe the original poster of this message (can't remember who it was, sorry)
could clarify why exactly *they* (for all those he/she/it people) use
tables to achieve a two column formatting effect.


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