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Subject: Re: Job advertisements
From: Richard Sobocinski <"Richard_G_Sobocinski%~WHC207"@CCMAIL.PNL.GOV>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 1994 09:28:00 -0700

In article <199409071521 -dot- IAA19282 -at- infinity -dot- c2 -dot- org>, <srm -at- c2 -dot- org> writes:

> >[not knowing a particular publishing program is] not a lot different from
> >knowing how to drive a Ford but not a Chevy. IOW no big deal...

> If you've driven Fords all your life and get into a Chevrolet, you'll be
> driving it competently within one minute. Try substituting Word and Frame
> into this picture. ...RM

I do all the time, m'friend. Figuratively, that is. Different clients want
different packages, and my approach is to know 'em all, and be able to switch
back and forth between them. Last year, we had a client who had Word for
files that needed to be modified; the eventual destination was Frame 4.
Because we were a "virtual" team (physically located at five different places
in the Bay Area), working with a combination of IBM's and Macs, we wound up
being able to convert to/from Word for DOS, Word for Windows, Word for Mac,
WordPerfect for IBM, and Frame for IBM. Yeah, yeah, I know - we missed a
but the point is that this wp-dance step is getting to be fairly normal at
clients we see. The more packages you know - or know about - the more
saleable you are.

Elna Tymes
Los Trancos Systems
That's the argument for SGML. - Rich

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